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For the love of leather.



UNEARTHED is the culmination of a lifelong love of fashion and art, and more than a decade long obsession with leather craft.

In the early months of 2007, those passions fused together to create a singular art form, and a new expression of the unique and beautiful - a company dedicated to style and craftsmanship, and committed to creating the distinct and unusual.

Believing there is always a way to transform everyday objects into art and holding fast to the principle that ordinary was NEVER acceptable lies at the core of what make UNEARTHED what it is today. This is the philosophy behind each item crafted and each design brought to life. Each item transcends it's designed purpose and function to stand as a powerful statement of elegance and unrestrained beauty.

Each accessory is made only from the most beautiful of exotic materials, and all leathers are hand selected for exquisiteness of pattern and color. And, like the urban,sophisticated, and modern individual these objects are designed for, no two are ever exactly alike.

Along with strict principles of style, the principle of quality is also held dear. UNEARTHED has vowed to their discerning buyers NEVER to use embossed leathers and imitation skins, but ONLY the exquisite real thing - straight from the earth.

Today, Unearthed is more than just a company, more than just a product - it is a lifestyle.

An unapologetically luxurious one.


Life. Love. Flowers. Gardening. Cooking. Family. Friends. Leather.